• Easy-to-Remember sentence, whose words' initials go: c adae ibfece

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    Maybe [Cadae ibfec] is easy enough to remember,
    and better than counting the number of
    Letters in each word, e.g. in
    [How I need a drink]
    [May I draw a circle] 31416

    Can someone come up with an Easy-to-Remember sentence
    whose words' initials go thusly? c adae ibfece

    --------- Can a device achieve Encoding in ....

    Assuming 31415 (Cadae) is given,
    i'll start with ibfece:

    ----- I've been fixing (to) Establish Certain Encoding ...


    3.1415 926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510

    c adae ibfece higicbchdf bfdcchcbgi e0bhhdaiga ficiicgea0

    ----------- I guess... 0 can be Z or O

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