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    Ar an tríú lá is fiche de mí Bealtaine, scríobh Ross Clark:

    > "I haven't found linguistic topics discussed in his writing, apart from passing
    > references...."
    > Still, a solid Victorian, interested in all kinds of things: medicine, cricket,
    > body-building, fairies....
    > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Conan_Doyle

    Bit of relevance in the article:

    “From 1875 to 1876, he was educated at the Jesuit school Stella Matutina in
    Feldkirch, Austria.[9] His family decided that he would spend a year there in
    order to perfect his German and broaden his academic horizons.[15]”

    “In early 1891, Doyle embarked on the study of ophthalmology in Vienna. [...]
    Doyle found it too difficult to understand the German medical terms being
    used in his classes in Vienna, and soon quit his studies there. For the rest
    of his two-month stay in Vienna, he pursued other activities, such as ice
    skating with his wife Louisa and drinking with Brinsley Richards of the
    London Times. He also wrote The Doings of Raffles Haw.”

    I find those grounds surprising (“too difficult to understand the German medical terms”); I’m sure it would have been difficult to get through a year of
    boarding school in Austria without picking up German, and medical jargon in German is Greek and Latin as it is in English. (Was ophthalmology different then?). But he was a dilettante, qual piuma al vento.

    i find it interesting that... he knew SO MUCH Latin and German ... and
    so little of it is found in his SH and other stories.

    Ok... SH often uses Latin phrases.

    His Dancing-Men cipher is by the best-known use of Code-breaking in all popular Literature.

    he had a fine sense for Exotic Words.... Jezail Bullet, Cooee!
    Hafiz as in Horace

    Ghazi... as in
    ----- I should have fallen into the hands of
    the murderous Ghazis had it not been for the devotion
    and courage shown by Murray,

    His early novels are set in USA... i wonder if he uses
    appropriate Vocab, diction, etc.

    and the young man (Baskerville) returning from Canada
    Does he use appropriate language?

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