• Topographical Joke Phrases -- Bronx cheer, A Texas Two-Step (bankruptcy

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    is this similar to these?

    Irish twins

    French letter
    French disease
    French leave

    [sweet·​bread] == the thymus or pancreas of a young animal
    (such as a calf) used for food.

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    A question raised in another group seems to fit in here.

    ------ which Group? what's UMRA?

    I'm not alone in my dislike of cross-posting so I will just reproduce
    Rosie Mitchell's post (in UMRA) here.

    "Subject: Topographical Joke Phrases​

    Is there a proper linguistic term for such joking phrases as

    Glasgow salad (chips)
    Glasgow kiss (a headbutt, a malky)
    Birmingham screwdriver (a hammer)
    Welsh rabbit (a cheese dish, and do not say "rarebit" in my hearing!) Chelsea tractor (an urban 4×4 vehicle)
    Brixton briefcase (a large radio/cassette player)
    Bombay duck (a dried fish)
    Bronx cheer (a vocal raspberry)

    Can you think of others?


    "(Rosie currently resides in Glasgow, hence the first two items.)

    Is there a term for this? By: Sam Plusnet on Mon, 20 May 2024

    why do Newbies and Morons (in Usenet, Reddit...) always use
    non-descriptive SUBJ lines such as these?

    [Could someone help me with this?]
    [Is there a term for this?]
    [It just occurred to me that...]

    by: Stefan Ram - Mon, 20 May 2024

    Phil <phil@anonymous.invalid> wrote or quoted:
    Croydon facelift -- hair pulled tightly back from the face and tied
    in a ponytail

    ------- Ah, a jocular exocentric toponym-noun compound!

    Scottish tan (sunburn)
    New York salute (the middle finger)

    Rocky Mountain Oysters: A euphemism for bull testicles, a dish sometimes
    found in the Rocky Mountain region (plays on the idea of fancy seafood).

    Paris Syndrome: A cultural shock experienced by some Japanese tourists
    visiting Paris (a humorous exaggeration).

    Roman Holiday: A carefree and exciting time, referencing the classic
    movie "Roman Holiday."

    Venice Beach Muscle: A physique built more on showmanship than actual
    strength, referencing the bodybuilders often seen on Venice Beach,


    Texas Two-Step: A situation where someone is fired from their job and escorted out of the building (a play on the famous dance).

    A Texas Two-Step bankruptcy is a legal defense that companies can use to
    deal with their tort liabilities.
    The process involves creating a subsidiary through a divisive
    or reverse merger and transferring the tort liabilities, after which the
    new company declares bankruptcy.

    The goal of a Texas two-step is for the parent company to
    gain a third-party release of all liabilities it assigned to its
    spinoff, thus preventing litigants from pursuing those claims against
    the parent.

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