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    For example, the English apple is cognate to Russian яблоко (jabloko): both come from Proto-Indo-European stem *ābol-.
    As a result of the phenomenon, no native Slavic root starts with an [e]
    or an [a] but only with a [je] and [ja]; although other vowels are
    ---------- i don't see the Logical Connection!!!

    An exception to this is Bulgarian, which has lost Iotation for all front
    vowels (compared to Russian or Polish, who lost it only before [i]).

    ok... No wonder i'd never heard of the term

    Russian: Курт Фри́дрих Гёдель (нем. Kurt Friedrich Gödel;

    Bulgarian : Курт Гьодел

    For me, (as with a song in Czech) i start to wonder
    if a Russian-sounding language is really Russian,
    when i don't hear the word kak after a few minutes.

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