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    The Oxford English Dictionary’s latest update (late March.)

    What are some Chinese, Korean words added to OED recently?

    _____________OED’s latest update adds 23 Japanese words --

    i'm not familiar with a Santoku Knife... is that a brand-name?

    Isekai, a Japanese genre of fantasy fiction
    involving a character being transported to or reincarnated in a
    different, strange, or unfamiliar world, also made the OED.

    ---------- this was pioneered by the Alice books and
    the one about the Lion and the Unicorn... wasn't it?

    ___________New words of Japanese origin added to the OED in the March
    2024 update

    donburi, n.
    hibachi, n.
    isekai, n.
    kagome, n.
    karaage, n.
    katsu, n.
    katsu curry, n.

    kintsugi, n.

    kirigami, n.
    mangaka, n.
    okonomiyaki, n.
    omotenashi, n.
    onigiri, n.

    santoku, n. <----------------------

    shibori, n.
    takoyaki, n.
    tokusatsu, n.
    tonkatsu, n.
    tonkatsu sauce, n.
    tonkotsu, n./1
    tonkotsu, n./2
    washi tape, n. <------- ???
    yakiniku, n.

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