• Calif. governor Newsom denies aiding a friend who owns Panera ...

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    An Indiana Superior Court judge has ruled that tacos and burritos
    are "Mexican-style sandwiches".

    ----- certain Sushi-like rolls can perhaps be sandwiches, too.

    Mar 1, 2024 — A new minimum wage for California fast food
    workers won't apply to chains that sell bread...... The governor denies
    aiding a friend who owns Panera ....

    ________________ Is Panera Bread exempt from California minimum wage?

    The regulations stipulate a restaurant can avoid paying the
    new $20-per-hour minimum wage only if they prepare and bake bread
    on-site to be sold as a standalone menu item.

    This means the controversial carve-out will likely not apply to Panera
    Bread, which bakes premade bread dough at its restaurants.

    ________________ Did Panera donate to the Newsom campaign?

    Flynn has also donated at least $164,800 to Newsom's gubernatorial campaigns.

    A spokesperson for the governor told Bloomberg News that
    the suggestion Newsom lobbied for an exemption on behalf of Panera Bread
    was “absurd.”

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