• Beep, Bip (faire bip), Piepton, Scannerpiepton (piepsen)

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    On 20-Apr-24 20:32, Marco Moock wrote:

    Is there a special term for the beep that sounds at the checkstand in
    the supermarket when the cashier scans the products?

    Scanner beep:

    Checkout beep:

    Barcode beep:

    Bleep: A more informal and onomatopoeic way to represent the sound.


    Bip (pronounced "bee") -

    Signal sonore du scanner (pronounced "seeg-nahl so-nohr dy skan-nehr") -


    Piepton (pronounced "pee-ep-ton") -

    Scannerpiepton (pronounced "skan-nehr-pee-ep-ton") -

    In both French and German, you could also use a verb like "faire bip"
    (French) or "piepsen" (German) to indicate that something is beeping.

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