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    Marius_Hancu wrote:

    HenHanna wrote:
    i think... [did done] for emphasis is quite common today?

    also... a quote from Kanye West is almost as good as
    that from Obama, Biden, or Trump?

    Kanye West attends daughter Chicago's birthday after ...

    The US Sun https://www.the-sun.com › Celebrity › Entertainment

    Jan 15, 2022 — He was then on the verge of tears as he explained: “I did >> done call Kim, texted nannies. I got on the phone with Tristan
    [Thompson], he ...

    "did done" is Black vernacular, you may find it in Faulkner too. -- Marius Hancu

    i wonder ... what's there in [I did done] besides Emphasis

    really ? in Faulkner too? i can't find it here:

    i only found [did do]


    ................. Maybe I even
    knew what old Job was going to do. Not what he did do, but that he would do it if the occasion
    arose, and that this would have to be Uncle Willy's last go-round and if I wasn't there it would
    be just him against all the old terrified and timid clinging to dull and rule-ridden breathing
    which Jefferson was to him and which, even though he had escaped Jefferson, old Job still

    So I cut some grass that week and I had almost two dollars.
    I took the bus on the day he said and he was waiting for me at the ..........


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