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    On 3/24/2024 8:02 PM, Joshua Kreitzer wrote:
    This is from Games World of Puzzles, February 2024. The puzzle is
    "Beginnings and Endings" by Patrick Berry.

    The clue is: Choose a filling for pastries (Hyph.)

    and the answer is: POP-TARTS

    The explanation given is: (opt + parts)

    I see how OPT means "choose", and POP-TARTS are "pastries", but I don't
    see how "a filling for" can give both PARTS and an anagram or container indicator. "Filling" could be a container indicator, of course, but that would mean that "for" would have to be used to define PARTS.

    Joshua Kreitzer

    "Beginnings and Endings" -- refers to Switching (internal Spoonerism)

    filling is a part of POP-Tart

    Opt-Parts --------> Pop-Tarts

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