• Emordnilaps, Semordnilap(s), Anadrome

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    Emordnilaps, aka Semordnilap(s)

    A reverse spelling of palindromes. "Semordnilap", according
    to author O. V. Michaelsen in his 1997 book Words at Play, was probably
    first used by recreational linguist Dmitri Borgmann, cited by Martin
    Gardner in the revised edition of Charles Carroll Bombaugh's Oddities
    and Curiosities of Words and Literature (1961) [1].

    The underlying concept (but not the term) is found at least as far back
    as Lewis Carroll's Sylvie and Bruno (1889).

    Semordnilap is also autological; that is, it is a self-describing word,
    as the word semordnilap is itself a semordnilap.

    aka https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/anadrome

    ______________________________ anacyclique in French ???


    (Antiquité) (Littéraire) Qualifiait un poème de quatre ou six vers
    latins dont les mots des deux ou trois premiers se retrouvent dans les derniers, mais placés dans l'ordre inverse, le premier devenant le dernier

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