• Parrot avaiy over fish pond

    From Dan Esposito@21:1/5 to All on Sun Mar 8 13:46:06 2020

    i build koi and goldfish ponds, but this past week i saw a customer who
    has a avairy for 7 parrots over a small fish pond,
    couple of questions,
    1. since this is a inclosed cage 30 x 10 or so with a 12 x 12 pond
    first is it safe to have koi and parrots within the same enclosure regarding parisites or bugs from either effecting the other

    also they stated they wanted some kind of wire or net, that 1 the birds nor the koi would get stuck in and die,
    2 is soft enough to protect any parrots that cant fly from drowning,

    lets start here, any suggestions
    thank you
    dan esposito

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