• How long can Goldfish go without food?

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    This pond is an outdoor pond, right? If so, I don't think I'd worry too
    much about it. Between the plants and various insects, earthworms, etc. I would think they'd be able to fend for themselves for a couple weeks until somebody else moves in. If you're really concerned about it, you could add
    a few more aquatic plants for them to eat. I wouldn't worry about them not being used to eating plants either. When they're hungry, they'll learn to love eating plants.

    - Matt

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    I am renting a house that has a fish pond. I have been taking care of the fish for a while now, but I am moving soon. I cant take the fish with me, either. I don't think that the leasing agency will be able to lease this house for at least a couple of weeks after I move out, so I was wondering, how long can fish live without food? There are 10 gf in the 170 gal pond, and there are 3 lily plants in there. I had 2 gf at one time (my biggest and oldest ones now, they are 4 inches long), and they went for 2 months with no food from me, they just ate the plants (and grew fast), but I dont think that all the fish I have in there now are used to eating the lilies. I tried reducing the amount of food I have been feeding them, trying to
    them eat the plants, but the fish seem to be less energetic now (water quality is good), so I dont think they have a taste for plants yet.

    Is there anything I can do to prepare the fish for a fast?


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