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    I have a Nikon FE and a strange problem: The batery was low and before i could replace it the cam blocked. Now i have replaced the batteries, tried to work on M90, cleaned the contacts and the film advance lever is still stuck... what more can i do? The shutter is closed and the cam doesn't respond.

    Can someone help me?


    When this has happened to my FE, I can normally unjam it by switching to
    M90 and tripping the shutter. You stated you did that already without success.

    One more thing. If there is film in the camera, it is not on the last
    frame -preventing any further film advance, is it?


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    hey.. i was having some shutter issue today, and right in the middle of a really beautiful op to capture lightening with the lovely foreground of Gjakova Kosovo.. but it just jammed right when i was realizing that i should try to capture the lightening
    after just the plain view of the town.. your advice totally fixed the problem, but like lightening, in a flash, the moment was over! :D

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