• The Backpacker's Photography Handbook by Charles Campbell

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    On Monday, April 9, 2001 at 4:20:14 PM UTC-6, Adrian Seet wrote:
    hi all...

    i'm hoping to get a good intro book on outdoor photography and came
    across The Backpacker's Photography Handbook by Charles Campbell.
    i'm sure there are ppl out there who have it or read it. what are your opinions on the book?

    i want to get started shooting some slide film but still don't know
    how to find the right area of meter off etc so i'm hoping that the
    book will give a good guide etc.

    thanks in adv

    I just got a copy of the wonderful book. Charles is a real adventure with a great deal of talent as a photographer. He should update the book, or write another. Tom

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    On Tuesday, April 10, 2001 at 4:23:01 PM UTC-6, ngc457 wrote:
    I have it and John Shaw's Landscape book. It thought it was a good
    book, mostly dealing with equipment. He gets into a color zone system
    that he's peddling with color cards. Seems a bit involved to me.
    John's book is better for technique.

    Jim Upchurch

    Anything by John Shaw is good. I would recommend his new book the Nature Photographer's Field Guide. It does a better job of explaining metering and exposure then the landscape book. Also check out John Fielder's book Photographing the Lanscape the art of seeing. It is one of the best books I have seen on composition. The color zone system that John uses is good
    system to go by. John Fielder along with many other nature photographers use it as well. Learn it and learn it well and with practice exposure will be second nature. I use it and always get the exposure I want.


    I would have to say that the comments made are untrue. This books stands far above the others mentioned.

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