• avoid simon's camera in Montreal, ca

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    On Monday, October 28, 2002 at 4:19:43 PM UTC-4, Doug Payne wrote:
    Thomas Tran wrote:
    Huum..., I have just tried to call Laplante to get the price of Canon Elan7e: 629.95$
    but not in stock. At Lozeau it is 619.99$ . On the website of Simons it is 599.95$ but they will charge at least 20$ more if buying in the store.
    So for whom living in Montreal, it's better go with Lozeau, more choice, and good customer service.

    If you're so concerned about saving a buck, buy the !&^@%!&@ thing from Simon's
    Web site, pay the $7.95 shipping, save yourself the trip to the store, and then
    shut up about it. Enough already.

    Just happened on this thread but am amazed at the blame being put on the customer!! OK he didn't check for fungus (his main complaint I think), and he sold it only 3 months later, so it's doubtful fungus became that serious in only 3 months time, but
    regardless -- that doesn't make Simon's worthy of any praise. I have dealt with them for 40 years and never buy from them (for the past twenty) because of their policy regarding used equipment which was to never show the price on the price tag in the
    store and to use incredibly arcane codes to conceal that information, plus they were very difficult with returns when a problem was discovered shortly after purchase. Never liked the customer service either. But that was my experience 7 - 27 years prior
    to this post. Maybe they have improved, but I never return to find out.

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