• WOW Google Groups is still not a sex offender registry

    From David Brown@21:1/5 to davidn...@gmail.com on Tue Sep 1 12:05:44 2020
    As previously reported, Google insists on allowing the use of Google Groups by Richard Morton Scoville to cause Google’s own search results for “David N. Brown” Mesa Arizona to be dominated by webspam that portrays me as a sex offender, “
    convicted pedophile” (sic) and “school shooter” (based solely on my self-disclosed diagnosis of “Asperger’s Syndrome/ Autism Spectrum Disorder) for the sole purpose of inciting violence and discrimination against me. Google has further refused
    to honor previous agreements to remove Scoville’s content from the Google Groups archive or adjust their search algorithms to filter it as spam. To counter this harassment and prove that Google’s search results are intentionally biased toward
    references to pedophilia, I am reposting the highest ranking post by Scoville with all references to pedophilia, sex crimes and crimes against children removed.
    On Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at 4:13:50 PM UTC-5, david...@gmail.com aka David Nathan Brown PUKED in rec.photo.equipment.35mmw...
    David N. Brown
    Mesa, Arizona

    This is one DELUSIONAL PSYCHOPATH suffering with Asperger's Syndrome. Read ALL about him here.....

    The Truth About David Nathan Brown aka David N. Brown 39 Year Old Living At 10309 East Fenimore Rd, Mesa, AZ 85207, 775-299-8868, davidn...@gmail.com) & Suffering From Asperger's Syndrome!

    On Monday, April 27, 2020 at 11:03:43 PM UTC-5, davidn...@gmail.com wrote:

    What this PATHETIC, MENTALLY DERANGED, PSYCHOPATH does not say in his posting above and following this...


    is that he contacted Scoville as an UNSOLICITED, HARASSING, FILTHY, TROLL! Scoville had NO IDEA who this Full Mental Defect suffering from *Asperger's Syndrome, VERIFIED by his own admission, (Autism Disease Diagnosed As A Lacking of Social Skills and
    BOY Does He Lack Them...Substantiated By Reading His Blog Rant...LOL). Bottom line, he and his BUTT BUDDY DARRELL ALEXANDER LAROSE of Ottawa, Canada attacked Scoville, not Scoville attacking them first as they insinuate, hence Scoville defended himself
    against these CRIMINALS with the Very Ammo/Tools they used to attack him! The only difference is that Scoville WON The War and these Pathetic Assholes started to CRY FOUL at how they have SUFFERED and Endured Failure, Defeat, and Disgrace due to their
    FILTHY ATTACKS! Quite simply, they are mere *Paper Tigers* that let their Collective Mouths overload their Assholes and since have paid the fiddler for doing so. Don't cry for these EVIL BASTARDS! THEY ARE PURE SCUM BAGS & VERMIN!!!

    From what I hear, Scoville is enjoying his life, money, and FREEDOM in a LARGE MANNER as a Disabled Vietnam Veteran travelling North America in his Highly Touted/Acclaimed Class A MotorHome aka "The MacDaddy", despite the LIBELOUS ATTACKS from these

    My guess is that he is enjoying LIFE in a GRAND Manner, while these Losers hide from relatives, employers, the general public, et al due to their Internet Reputations...can't say that I feel sorry for the SCUM they are. I can just see them avoid
    announcing their names for fear of GOOGLE...You Gotta Luv Retribution, Eh Bois?

    In closing, I would like to thank Mr. Scoville for allowing me to publish this REBUTTAL on his behalf! Safe Travels Uncle Ricky!!

    The Real Samuel Jackson
    Asperger syndrome, also known as Asperger's, is a developmental disorder characterised by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

    Now, Read This... https://groups.google.com/d/msg/rec.photo.digital.slr-systems/spvj_S7lqsw/E_u72fQYAQAJ

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    Strikes Again...39 Year Old Living At 10309
    East Fenimore Rd, Mesa, AZ 85207, 775-299-8868, davidn...@gmail.com) &
    Suffering From Asperger's Syndrome!
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    The Truth About David Nathan Brown aka David N. Brown Strikes Again...39 Year Old At 10309 East Fenimore Rd, Mesa, AZ 85207, 775-299-8868, davidn...@gmail.com) & Suffering From Asperger's Syndrome..Mental Defect Lacking Social Skills!

    This text will establish the following facts:
    1. While Scoville invariably references pedophilia and sex offenders, these are really little more than passing and abusive comments in the subject line to trick readers into viewing his content. At no point does he seriously claim that anyone has
    committed any crime.
    2. Scoville specifically states that his comments against me are in retaliation for what he portrays as “attacks”. The facts are that in 2010 to 2011, Scoville interfered with the group misc.health.alternative by posting hundreds of pseudonymous
    posts promoting his fraudulent website The Free Speech Store, all of which had offensive and excessively long subject lines about child abuse. I explicitly warned that this content was unwanted, off-topic and would likely be illegal even if the
    individuals identified were registered sex offenders. Scoville’s actual response was to create a gmail account davidnbrown80.mesa@gmail.com in my name for the sole purpose of making false and incriminating statements, and to attempt to invalidate the
    copyrights to two of my novels by posting a copyrighted photo on the pro-piracy website bayimg.com.
    3. In all his attempts to justify himself, Scoville does not claim to have consulted the sex offender registry of Arizona or any other state before publishing statements that I am a “convicted pedophile”. Neither does he give any account of
    consulting with any law enforcement agency, outside of trying to spam the contact emails of certain officials and agencies. Finally, he has not on any occasion referenced any of my readily available writings which have dealt with subjects such as human
    trafficking and marriage before age 18, because he is unwilling or wholly unable to acknowledge mature discussion about any of the issues he tries to exploit.
    4. As previously documented, the only intended audience for Scoville’s attacks against me are prospective employers who might enter my name and certain other terms in Google and other search engines, in the further hope of tricking or intimidating them
    into refusing an application. In this particular respect, his methods would easily be illegal even if his claims were in any way substantiated, as actual sex offender laws are very specific in prohibiting discrimination in almost all circumstances. He
    has carried out this campaign in further and total ignorance of my actual employment and associations, and thus with no evidence whatsoever that I have held or sought a position that an actual registered offender could not in fact legally hold.
    5. Scoville’s further insinuation that he was somehow threatened by “attacks” from me is even more false than his accusations. In the course of his attacks on others, he has always hidden his identity and attempted to direct investigations toward
    others, notably a former coworker of his primary target Darrell Larose. He has further obscured the extent of his income to deter his victims from pursuing civil litigation against him. In addition, nobody has seriously accused Scoville of child abuse or
    trafficking, despite his obsession with crimes against children which some have viewed as evidence that he has the actual disorder of pedophilia.
    6. In attacking me in particular, Scoville has always specifically made an issue of my diagnosis of Asperger’s/ ASD, to the point of implying that this makes me a “possible school shooter”. He has engaged in this hate speech on the specific
    assumption that my disability would prevent me from taking action against me. In fact, I have already erased thousands of his posts, and now have enough resources to suppress his content at any time I choose. I have delayed doing so solely to document
    the full extent to which Google search results are designed to promote defamatory content. To that end, I will repost this and certain other content until and unless it displaces Scoville’s identical content in search results.
    David N. Brown
    Mesa, Arizona

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