• WOW Google Groups is not a sex offender registry

    From David Brown@21:1/5 to davidn...@gmail.com on Sat Aug 29 19:20:13 2020
    This usenet group is being used by Richard Morton Scoville currently posing as “Samuel Jackson” to promote false claims that I am a sex offender with the further intent of causing these claims to appear in search results for “David N. Brown” Mesa
    Arizona. Here are the facts in the matter.
    1. Scoville’s favorite label “convicted pedophile” has no legal meaning or validity. Pedophilia is a clinical diagnosis that can apply to people who have never committed any crime. It would not normally be discussed in the course of a trial, unless
    there was an insanity plea or other appeal to have an offender placed in treatment rather than serving prison time.

    2. Scoville’s further claim that he has reported me to police as a sex offender is likewise of no meaning or validity. While he has undoubtedly sent his accusations to various individuals and agencies as spam, I have never been questioned or notified
    of any report through valid channels. In the course of my own inquiries, I have repeatedly confirmed that the law enforcement agencies of the Maricopa County/ Phoenix Metro areas normally require an in-person complaint and certainly have no interest in
    anonymous online content.

    3. Scoville’s further insinuation that I am somehow threatened with police action by his claim that I am “convicted” of crimes against children is an absurd lie. Police cannot act against a registered sex offender for crimes for which he was
    already arrested and tried. A valid and actionable complaint can ONLY be based on evidence either of an additional offense or a violation of regulations concerning where an offender may live and work.
    5. Scoville’s further attempt to disguise his violent and threatening hate speech as sex offender notification is further discredited by his inclusion of phone numbers, emails, and especially information on numerous unrelated persons. Legitimate sex
    offender registrations normally include the offender’s picture and current address, nothing more. They do not include information that could only be used to harass the offender, much less a third party who has not been charged with any crime.

    6. Most importantly, it has been repeatedly proven to Scoville and his allies in the Google organization that sex offender registration laws prohibit the distribution of information on a sex offender with the intent of harassing the offender. Any
    inclusion of the threatening, harassing, abusive, insulting and explicit language invariably used by Scoville not only falls outside legal guidelines but would give any actual offender overwhelming grounds for civil and criminal actions against Scoville
    and Google as well if the organization’s usual claims to immunity under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act failed. Here are links for the relevant provisions of the applicable laws in the states of California, Arizona and Texas:
    https://meganslaw.ca.gov/About_Penalties.aspx https://www.azdps.gov/services/public/offender https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/SexOffenderRegistry

    7. The name “Samuel Jackson” is only one of many forged or fictitious identities used by Scoville in his attempts to promote his false claims. Other identities he has used include Peter Mark Taticek, ““K Man” and even a Google account
    illegally created in my own name “David N. Brown”. I have proven these belong to the same person based on the fact that Google listed the “K Man” account as a recovery email for the other two and several other socks, and removed the vast
    majority of thousands of posts made with these accounts from the Google Groups archive based on complaints to law enforcement. This pattern of evasion proves that Scoville has willfully sought to hide the source and reliability of the claims he has made
    and promoted.

    8. Finally, Scoville’s content has not been addressed or distributed to anyone within my own or any other community. Instead, he has posted this content in thousands of duplicate posts all consisting mainly of irrelevant keyword loading for the sole
    purpose of causing a handful of his postings to appear in search results for my name and other terms in the hope that this would result in his claims being seen by a prospective employer. In fact, he would again have no right to complain to the employer
    of an actual sex offender without further proof that the offender had sought work that was forbidden or would create the opportunity to reoffend, and no employer would have the right to question an employee or applicant on the basis of his claims, much
    less act on them. In fact, I have recently disclosed Scoville’s harassment in full confidentiality to my current employer, and confirmed that they knew nothing about his claims and would not search for information on an applicant using the terms or
    methods Scoville uses to promote his content.

    To ensure that this exposure has equal exposure in search results, I am including the entirety of the only posting of Scoville to appear in search results for “Davide N. Brown” Mesa Arizona, minus the quite small number of his abusive comments. If it
    fails to appear in the same results, it will be proven that Google has engineered their search engine to promote content that mentions child abuse, sex offenders and/ or pedophilia. This content will be repeated on all forums used by Scoville until it is
    ranked ahead of Scoville’s post or Google honors their prior agreements to remove his content.

    David N. Brown
    Mesa, Arizona

    David Nathan Brown aka David N. Brown Convicted Child Pedophile 39 Year Old Next Possible School Shooter Living At 10309 East Fenimore Rd, Mesa, AZ 85207, 775-299-8868, davidn...@gmail.com) & Suffering From Asperger's Syndrome!

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    The Truth About David Nathan Brown aka David N. Brown Living At 10309 East Fenimore Rd, Mesa, AZ 85207, 775-299-8868, davidn...@gmail.com)!

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