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    From davidnbrown80@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Fri Apr 5 17:10:32 2019
    This is a notice that the website groups.google.com is being used by RICHARD MORTON SCOVILLE to manipulate Google search results for the names David N. Brown Mesa Arizona, Marc Ian Wigle and Darrell Alexander Larose to display CHILD PORNOGRAPHY disguised
    as false and forged accusations of sex crimes and "PEDOPHILIIA" and FRAUDULENTLY present these results as being visible to prospective employers. He has NOT at any point pretended to believe his victims are guilty of any crime, and most of his “
    accusations” consist merely of placing “PEDOPHILE” in an incoherent subject line too long to be read in full. The actual texts of these posts will invariably follow up these provocative statements with nothing more but crude comments about his
    victims’ supposed sexual orientation and sexually explicit and degrading comments about their children and relatives. NO claims made by Scoville have ANY basis in fact. There are NO convictions NO arrests NO investigations NO victims NO investigations
    NO evidence and NO credible sources for any of Scoville's claims. It must also be noted that NO legal and responsible sex offender notification would have the abusive language and vast amounts of personal information Scoville invariably includes,
    especially concerning supposed minor victims.
    Scoville originally initiated these activities to extort money from Darrell Larose and Marc Ian Wigle through his fraudulent “pay for libel” website “The Free Speech Store”. As his invasion of Google Groups was met with exposure and overwhelming
    criticism, he began to lash out at third parties, and used a growing number illegal Gmail “socks” to solicit child prostitution and the sale of child prostitution in the names of victims, including myself, David N. Brown. He further chose to make an
    issue of my self-disclosed diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, a disorder which has no effect on intelligence or moral judgment, particularly by demanding that police investigate me as a “school shooter” simply because one mass shooting perpetrator
    had a similar diagnosis. . (In fact, I already knew of several offenders with possible autism-spectrum diagnoses, which I had attributed to the fact that autistic disorders do NOT impair intelligence and planning.) Google actively enabled his activities
    by making discriminatory and ridiculous demands that I produce a “court order” to remove his content at my own expense and with no assurance that any order would not be refused, until last year when I repeatedly complained about their role into
    Mountain View police.
    Since that time, I have removed hundreds if not thousands of Scoville’s posts, beginning with illegal impersonation in my name with the illegally hosted Gmail account davidnbrown80.mesa@gmail.com, followed by many more attacks against myself and Wigle
    and Larose as well. In the course of this action, I participated in the reposting of illegal content forged in my name with Scoville correctly identified as the author. Scoville has attempted to retaliate by listing the phone number and address of a
    completely unrelated individual as my own, particularly after I pointed out that his practice of making forged complaints to police constitutes SWATTING, a criminal activity that led to the shooting death of Andrew Finch because of a false report
    instigated by Tyler Barriss. His attacks on me totally collapsed after Google banned the chronically abused group news.admin.net-abuse.email (NANAE) and several others from their Groups archive in late 2018 and early 2019.
    The actual outcome of all this has been the total defeat of Scoville’s primary tactic of manipulating Google Search results through Google Groups, which could already be countered effortlessly and never had the slightest chance of causing one of his
    posts to be looked at, much less act on, by a prospective employer. All his attacks on me have been gone from search results for months, except for a few rehashes which he had the incredible stupidity to post on a blog set up in his own name. The only
    reason the same result has not been achieved for Darrell Alexander Larose and Marc Ian Wigle is that a tool provided by Google for the removal of deleted content is defective and will not recognize when Groups posts are removed, even if the Group itself
    is deleted in entirety. In addition to these catastrophic losses, Scoville has long since been reduced to just one active “sock” account, darcylaroseottawa@gmail.com, which he will pathetically present as belonging to a half-brother of Darrell
    Alexander Larose who would in fact have no reason to share his last name. On top of that, I have NEVER found one of these posts more than 2 years old in search results, and frequently seen them outranked by other postings at least 5 years old. Finally,
    in the last year, Scoville has consistently failed to post on more than a few days in a given month, far too infrequently to compensate for his own losses even without further counterpostings by victims such as myself. The only thing that would make his
    defeat more complete is for Google to stop listing Groups posts in search results at all, which is exactly what will be demanded of them.
    GAME OVER. FAKE CANADIAN LITERAL BASTARD. Now go away before you get registered as a REAL “pedophile”.
    David N. Brown
    Mesa Arizona
    PS As a bonus

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