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    On Monday, February 22, 2016 at 5:44:56 PM UTC-8, he belongs to Bell
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    Nice theory Karen ... except that Bell stopped providing usenet
    services years ago, so they're not likely to care very much.

    Welcome Sympatico & Bell Business Internet Customers

    Smpatico & Bell Business Internet have arranged with Newshosting to provide you with up to 1GB of free downloads every month from a full selection of sound, video, picture and discussion groups.


    A bit out-of-date, 'wakefield'?

    So much idiocy, so little internet.

    I have feeling that Karen has an "I'm with Stupid" t-shirt that has an arrow that points straight up.

    Also an arrow with the word "FREE!" pointing from navel down.

    And yes, BELL does want to know about this particular poster.

    Why? He isn't even using Newshosting ... he posts through Google, like you do. Complaints about Google posters ... including racism, stalking, and abusive flagging of other posts as "abuse" ... should go to groups-abuse@google.com.

    Since you burned through 40 or 50 usenet providers last year, Karen, who's your fall-back if Google frags your account?

    Uhhh KKK it says right in your post that there is no posting allowed it is strictly download only and with only 1GB you won't be getting any movies just audio files. Karen E Gordon divorcee ugly stupid without a clue and bankrupt and accident prone with vehicles anti-Semitic and racist towards Chinese and Aboriginals please report her to her ISP so she loses yet another one.


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