• Siberian Husky won't stay home!

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    On Sunday, August 2, 1998 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Jill Finley wrote:
    I have a 4 1/2 year old female Husky that will not stay home. I adopted her from my brother, who did not have the room for her. He never worked with her, or made her mind, so she pretty much does as she pleases.

    I thought if we took her in and paid attention to her, she would come around and WANT to stay here. My kids play with her and we brush her every day.
    We are animal lovers, and we have tried to dote on her and spoil her with treats.

    We have 5 acres and have installed invisible fencing for her to run. At first, she knew where her boundries were. Recently, she has decided to run through the boundry, no matter how high the "correction" is. We have upgraded our collar to a "Stubborn Dog" collar, and she still insists on leaving.

    She always comes home, but that is not the problem. She is a very good hunter, but doesn't limit her kills to wild animals. She also likes cats. I'm also afraid she will start going after the fawns in the area also. I also don't want to make enemies with my neighbors, as we live in an agricultural area.

    Can someone PLEASE give me some advice? We love her dearly, especially my kids, but we can't keep her if she won't stay home. She yelps and barks uncontrollably when tied up, and I refuse to keep her in a cage.

    If someone is interested in giving her a good home, you can also contact

    Thank you.

    Jill Finley

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