• Need expert advice on Akita, Samoyed, and Husky breeds

    From alain.g.obando86@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Sep 20 09:25:59 2016
    i own akitas 4 in fact. they r a challanging breed they require early training. if u r able to socialice an Akita as early few weeks old and start his or her training as early as that you will have the most behaved well mannered aesy going and not
    agresive at all akita. However it is really dificult to find puppies that young unfortunatly an akita age 3 to 4 months old or one that has been in a pet store is not going to get socialized properly their instincts wuould have already developed
    unfortunately for this breed very early training is needed to achieve a non agressive behavior. it does not mean that if u get a 3 month old akita that it can not be properly trained, u can achieve that lvl of training as long as u can provide at least 8
    to 10 hours supervision during the first year of life. people tend to aquire this breed for the wrong reasons, they often chhose them for their looks and for whaf they read about em, they never consider that they requiere so much attention and ended up
    with a unpredictable behavior. also an akita is not an inside dog, they do not like hot climates if u live in an area that has changing climates then u will notice that they will alway sit on top of your vents even if u feel is cold for u for the is not
    cool enough the would do well inside the house during the summer and most likely prefer to be outside during th winter time. they requiere fence backyard, they dont necesarwlly like long walks they prefer large spaces where they can move around lay dawn
    and roll over the grass. i wouldnt recomend to keep an akita inside a house that has carpet.reason being is that they feel the carpet similar texture as the grass outside and they will relieve themselves. they are protective of their family if they sence
    that their family is danger they will atack. they wont atck other animals if they dont sence agression as long as they have been sicialiced with other animals an people since very young you wont have beahvioral atacks unless there is threat, they will
    bark instead of an opened atack and bite as a veyblast result, if for so.e reason an akita hasn been properly socialized since early age fhey will more likely atck other animels or become agressive towards strangers even if they pose no treath, very
    loyal dogs indeed they tend to be agressive when eating bu themselves but again if propwrly teained and hand fed since young these behavior of agressivenes during food time can be prevented, theu will eat to much and sence rivalry if u alway let thwm eat
    by themselves therwfore if your with them while giving them food since veru young they will become peacefu with other pets around the house even when theu r eating.

    I would recommend to consider the samoyed over the akita or even the husky since the samoyes bahaviors ar much more friendly. however if you peeffer the akita consider getting him as young as possible if u r getting it from a breeder they should allow
    you to visit him daily or at least the breeder should atart socializing the akita for you, if your akite is socialize with strangera or daces on daily manner they will loose aggressiveness thats ybu need to rrain him hard during the first year of life.
    they very intelligent and r easy to traing when they r very young. do not get an akita older than a year because by then it would be to late to start training and they would alrready be attached not to u, infurtunately for many akitas that r left at a
    rescue center or r being rehome socializing them with a new family would be very very hard so cosider carefully

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  • From danbarbutti25@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Jessica Langston on Mon Jul 8 08:23:35 2019
    On Monday, February 9, 1998 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, Jessica Langston wrote:
    I think the Akita, Samoyed and Husky breeds are beautiful dogs
    and I admire their independence. However, I'm torn over whether
    or not I should get a dog like one of these because I've read
    a lot about them that is really making me think twice. I have
    a few questions for anyone who has experience with any or all of
    these breeds.
    1. I live in the country and wouldn't like to keep my dog
    penned up or on a leash during the day. I've heard that these dogs
    will run off if they aren't "restrained." Is this true?
    2. I have a cat and I need a dog that will get along well
    with her. I know these dogs like to chase birds and other small
    animals. Do you think I could teach the dog to get along well with
    the cat or would they always have to be supervised when they were
    3. Are these dogs terribly aggressive with people or other
    dogs? I hear Akitas, especially, can get aggressive, even with their
    4. Lastly, I've heard many tales that these breeds are not
    very "car-smart" and do get run over a lot. Is this to say that
    they'd just stand and let a car back over them or are they more
    inclined to jump out in the road in front of a car?
    Thanks to anyone who can provide information or answer any of my
    (many) questions.

    - Jamie Langston (beartooth@mcn.net)

    Hi. we might get a samoyd, but we have a lovebird and a parakeet. do you think the samoyd would try to hurt or be agressive twards the birds?

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