• Re: Coppertone kennels / Chocolate labs - anyone have experience?

    From Sandra Cowles@21:1/5 to Adrian on Sat Apr 15 08:03:19 2023
    On Sunday, December 28, 2003 at 2:13:24 AM UTC-5, Adrian wrote:
    Hi -
    Regarding Coppertone kennels, specializing in Chocolate labs out of
    Citra, FL. the lady's name is Nancy Stading:
    I am just about to purchase a dog from these folks and I was wondering
    if any of you out there have one of their pups/dogs and can tell me
    anything about your experience?
    Any comments woulld be much appreciated.
    Thanks and have a great New Year : )
    Purchased 1 Choco named Reese
    Wonderful disposition

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