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    All I can say is Amen Terri...it's a bad idea to have a preset notion about anything...races, sexes, and YES even dog breeds.
    I've got a boxer and she's a doll...could only hurt someone with all
    her slober...but I bet somewhere in the world a person has been
    attacked by a boxer...WOW...big deal!
    Actually, my wife's parents, when she was young, moved from Pekes to
    Boxers. When she was about 14, she was given a cat as a present thathad
    been desexed and was female. It was a tortoise shell tabby. It was also a very VICIOUS bugger (it was about 15 when it died, I think). When my wife
    was a kid and her cat came back into the yard, one Boxer playfully - note PLAYFULLY - went over to the cat jumping etc to play but the cat read that
    as an attack and got stuck into the Boxer. The Boxer ended up in hospital with lots of torn snout and a scratch which very nearly resulted in it's
    loss of eye. It wasnt the only time this cat did something similar but the other time was a cattle dog that attacked kittens from another cat that we owned.
    So, IMHO, from my experience owning a Boxer as a kid and from my wife's experience, Boxers dont always attack but they dont always defend well, either. ;-}
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