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    On Tuesday, October 21, 1997 at 8:00:00 AM UTC+1, Nancy E.Holmes or R. Nelson Ruffin wrote:
    Well when I visit the city or the burbs with my dogs nowadays of course I keep them safely leashed to protect them from the people there <G>.
    I must say I have seen far to many 'obedience' dogs that have no decent behaviors instilled in them outside of the ring or training center. Others have commented on OTCH dogs that ran away off lead and were killed despite the owner's call. :-(
    In my area I have seen a lot of things outside the obedience ring that saddened me - from junior handlers beating the dog that broke a down :-( to non-stop barking cage aggressive dogs and handlers 'practicing' with less than kind methods so the dog won't 'dare' break a command in the ring. No these are NOT the majority thank goodness but a marker to me on the need to win that has replaced the showing off of a well trained (and loved)
    companion dog.
    I was happy to support humane laws such as all shelter dogs must be
    neutered, no dog should ride an open truck bed without a safety restraint
    and so on. What I would never support is a full time never off the leash
    law as I believe owner control is more important than a leash - nor a
    muzzle in public type law or many of the other propositions made by the clueless.
    PumknThief <pumkn...@aol.com> wrote in article <19971018024...@ladder01.news.aol.com>...
    The laws I support are there to keep dogs and people safe. I have no
    with "pet training" and believe that EVERY dog should have at least
    that. I
    don't see how a dog who will not come to it's owner out of the obedience
    can perform consistantly enough to get an OTCH (at least in my area).
    Keep to
    the country and I'll leash my dogs, here in the 'burbs where there is a
    in front of my house.>Subject: Re: keep 'em on a leash!


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