• Re: Another unprovoked Chow attack! - Another unprovoked TROLL!

    From Kingsley Hernandez@21:1/5 to Aleeyah on Sun Jan 15 15:58:45 2023
    On Thursday, October 16, 1997 at 8:00:00 AM UTC+1, Aleeyah wrote:
    A friend of mine is a vet tech and she says that chows are by far
    most vicious breed she's ever dealt with.
    My vet is not "a friend of mine" but just someone we use for our dog's
    when needed. He has 4 other families with Chows come and see him apart
    ours and his comment was that he wished all other dogs that came and saw
    were as regularly well behaved as the Chows are.
    As a vet tech, IMHO, the worst breed to work with is ownerati ignoramus,
    and thier hellish, yet, blameless companion canis uneducatedus. I've
    never had a consistant problem with any one breed of dog, only with uneducated dogs owned by uneducated owners, especially with the "throw
    the dog out in the yard, leave it there, don't talk to it, don't mess
    with it, except to toss it some food" group.


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