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    I've had my chow for almost 13 years and have never had a more devoted, loving dog in my life. He has been my constant companion and protector
    for these same 13 years. He still follows me from room to room and never
    lets me out of his sight. If there are guest over he stays where he can
    watch what is going on. He has been around many children through out the years and has never attempted to snip at any of them although I always
    watch very closely when children are playing with him. I think chows temperment has alot to do with how they are raised, and how much love and attention you give them. My chow understands everything I say to him. You
    can tell he understands by the facial expressions. Chows are a very intelligent breed. I do have a friend who had a chow and did not pay any attention to it, left it pinned up in a barn yard all the time. Kids
    teased it daily. Finally it got out and ended up biteing one of her
    visitors. They put the dog to sleep right away. I don't believe it was
    the dogs faught. Chows need companionship, they are not the type of dog
    to be pinned up. They need love and affection. I wouldn't trade my chow
    for any other dog in this world. He is my best friend, I know if I needed protection he would be there to provide it.


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