• Pet Project: Race Appropriating BLM Activist Shaun King Used Donor Fund

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    Shaun King's social justice PAC is going to the dogs. Literally.

    Grassroots Law PAC, which the progressive grifter founded to elect soft- on-crime local officials, paid roughly $40,000 since December to the California-based Potrero Performance Dogs, according to campaign finance disclosures. The payments are labeled for "contractor services," making
    their purpose difficult to discern. But days after a $30,650 payment in February, King welcomed a "new member of the King family": an award-
    winning mastiff bred by Potrero named Marz.

    King, who has been hounded for years by allegations of fraud, has not been accused of any wrongdoing in relation to Grassroots Law. But the payments
    for a dog raises questions about whether the former Bernie Sanders
    surrogate is using PAC contributions the way donors intended.

    "This luxury dog expense may not be illegal for a PAC, but it shows little respect for King's donors," said Scott Walter, the president of Capital Research Center, which investigates left-wing groups. An heiress of the
    Hormel meatpacking empire is the PAC's largest donor. Facebook cofounder
    Dustin Moskovitz and his wife donated millions of dollars to Real Justice
    PAC, which King launched in 2018 and works closely with Grassroots Law.

    Grassroots Law PAC, which aims to "elect candidates who are committed to reducing mass incarceration and police violence," has spent nearly as much
    on King's pet as it has on political candidates. The PAC has contributed
    around $56,000 to political candidates since 2021. It paid $10,000 to
    Potrero in December and another $30,650 on Feb. 16.

    King has come under fire over the years amid repeated failures at his
    various social justice endeavors. The mother of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old
    Ohio boy killed by police, said King "robbed" her by holding unauthorized fundraisers in her son's name. A former King ally, DeRay Mckesson, has
    publicly accused him of fraud. Real Justice PAC was ordered in December to
    pay $30,000 to the city of Philadelphia for campaign finance violations in
    the race to elect District Attorney Larry Krasner (D.).

    King has denied allegations of fraud, chalking his failed projects up to
    poor management or false claims from his enemies. He released an audit in
    2019 that said he received a $4,166 monthly salary from Real Justice PAC
    and "no compensation at all" from Action PAC, the predecessor to
    Grassroots Law PAC. He said he was "literally the only person" on Action
    PAC's staff who does not get paid.

    "I have not received a salary or a stipend of any kind for the entire
    year," he claimed. "I do it all for free."

    While King said Marz would provide "alertness and protection" alongside
    duties as a family pet, it appears the thoroughbred is no longer in the activist's care. Potrero Performance Dogs showed Marz at an American
    Kennel Club competition earlier this month, where he won Best in Show. The breeder said in a social media post this month that Marz was back in its
    care because "he's got a little too much energy to be a family dog so he
    came back."

    Potrero, Grassroots Law, and King's media company did not respond to
    requests for comment.

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