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    On Thursday, November 25, 1999 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, ElizabethK wrote:
    Thanks to many who have added to the list, here is an update.Please
    keep adding to the list as you see them advertised.

    Peke-apoo Charley Bears
    Poochis Malti Poo
    PiKi Schnoodle
    Mini Dalmatians Cockapoo
    Sleve Pekingese Toy Munchkin
    Imperial Shih Tzu Teacup Poodle
    Llasa Poo Teacup Chihuahua
    Ori Pei Mini Bulldog
    American Pugsley Royal Poodle
    Labradoodle Mini Chow Chow
    Mini Great Dane Mini/Toy Sheltie
    Mi Ki Princess Di Terriers Dawgies Mini Golden
    Pocket Poodle American Cream
    Pocket Beagle Golden Labs
    American Mastiff Shiloh Shepherd
    King Great Dane Golden Labs
    King Doberman Warlock Dobermans
    Ocherese Bandog.
    The following are often advertised as "rare' - though may be purebred,
    but again whether bred on purpose or as a colour appearing in an
    otherwise normally coloured litter, sold as "rare" to dupe the public
    into often paying a large price for a seriously mismarked dog which
    should not be used for breeding and cannot be shown. Beware of dogs advertised as such and before buying these dogs - do your homework.
    Please note also that many so-called "rare" colours often have some devastating genetic or colour-linked problems accompanying them. Many
    white dogs can be deaf or blind or become so later in life. This does
    not apply to breeds in which the white colour is an accepted part of
    the breed.

    Red Rottweiler White
    White Boxer White
    White Doberman
    Merle Great Danes
    (do not confuse Merle with Blue - an accepted colour, in the Dane
    Because of the many accepted colours in the Dane breed, BYB's, puppy
    mills and other irresponsible breeders often mix colours thereby
    producing all sort of stange colour patterns, none of which should be
    bred from and none of which are worth any more than any other pet
    quality mismarked puppy. If you are offered a strangely marked or
    coloured Dane - especially if it has been represented as "rare" by
    it's breeder, check first with your local Great Dane club. Vets often
    have lists of clubs in your area. Or ask here! Don't add to the bank
    account of scam artists!
    About Shiloh Shepherds. Well considering they were originally
    oversized GSD's with often long fluffy type coats which would have
    seiously faulted by the Standard for the breed in most countries, they
    would seem to be rather like the Royal Poodles - a purebred dog but
    one not meeting the standard and being called something else and with
    enough people being duped into buying one, trying to call it a
    "breed". It is - it's an oversized German Shepherd often with a
    longish coat. And I have seen some which were not even oversized. Just
    poor quality dogs with long coats. And one would think in this day an
    age if they "were" making a new breed or trying to, they would have
    started out right and not produced a whole lot of displastic dogs
    which now seem to have a foothold in these dogs called Shiloh
    Shepherds. They have no history of their own, were bred for no
    particular purpose and were just as far as I can make out, just
    oversized German Shepherds. Like the Toy Munchkin, they have a
    following but that does not make them a breed. Just someone messing up
    an already known breed rather than putting their efforts into
    preserving properly that which already exists.

    "Ocherese" is a total scam. These people are breeding defective mutts and foisting them off on unsuspecting people like a relative of ours who was taken in by them. We ended up having to take in this poor critter before he put her on Craigs List. I
    wonder how many of those poor, sick, demented dogs end up as pitbull bait because they proven unmanageable through no fault of their own. The breeder accepts no responsibility for her animals once she hands them over. Now, 12 years into it, having tried
    everything on the book to housebreak her, with two trainers pronouncing her untrainable, and two expensive operations to correct her malformed back legs, we are probably stuck with her for several more years of constant midnight barking and cleaning up
    after her peeing and pooping all over the house, no matter how attentive we are to her needs (and we are home most of the time and take good care of our dogs). She's alive today because she's sweet and we pity her. None of this is her fault. She is the
    victim of irresponsible in-breeding and really fell into the jam pot with sentimental animal lovers who are willing to put up with her and can afford the vet bills. I hope these con artists come back as a pair of "ocherese." They deserve it.

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