• HELP! Lab "digging" in water bowl

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    Den onsdag 16 juli 1997 kl. 09:00:00 UTC+2 skrev Dlyka:
    I have a 12 week old labrador puppy girl.

    Lately she's been literally digging in her water bowl. I've never seen
    this in a dog before... The water ends up EVERYWHERE except in the bowl,
    so if she does it while I'm away then she goes thirsty! I obivously don't want that. I've thought of no-spill bowls, but it's not like she's tipping
    it over -- she actually paws it out, vigorously, as if she's digging in
    the ground (another habit that's recently surfaced).

    She also does this while I'm at home, so I doubt that it's seperation anxiety.

    Has anyone seen this before, and are there any suggestions?

    Karen & Nicky

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    I know this thread is old, but training your dog is the only long-term solution.

    I love my dog so much but it constantly did the things that irked me most. It would chew on things that it shouldn’t or jump up and down out of the blue.

    Whenever I put on the leash, it would pull on it. Whenever it was out of the house, it would continue digging on the ground - I wish I could tell what it was looking for down there. The same goes for all the nasty urine.

    All the things it did left me feeling depressed as if I failed it monumentally.

    But since I discovered Brain Training for Dogs and applied the system offered, it now behaves the way a beautiful dog I always expect of 🐶

    Here's a link to their site: http://hiddendogintelligence.club/

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