• Former Aurora Democrat couple accused of having sex with their dog in h

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    https://www.thesun.co.uk/wp- content/uploads/2018/04/nintchdbpict000401271062.jpg?w=620

    A onetime Aurora couple have pleaded guilty to animal cruelty
    charges for having sex with their dog in a homemade chamber in
    their backyard.

    As part of the plea agreement, the dog’s owner has forfeited

    Bubba, a male Akita mix, is living at the Aurora Animal Shelter,
    where he will undergo a behavioral assessment before authorities
    decide the next appropriate steps to take with him, according to
    a news release from the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s

    Frederick Manzanares, 51, will be sentenced Oct. 16 after
    pleading guilty to two counts of animal cruelty. He faces up to
    18 months in jail on each count, the news release said.

    His ex-girlfriend, Janette Solano, 49, pleaded guilty to one
    count of animal cruelty, the news release said. She negotiated
    a deferred judgment and sentence, and a judge will decide
    whether to accept the plea deal during a Sept. 17 hearing.

    The Aurora Police Department launched its investigation into the
    bestiality after Solano called police in March 2017 to report a
    domestic violence incident. When an officer met Solano at a gas
    station, she told him that she and Manzanares had only argued,
    and she was leaving him because he had been pressuring her into
    having sex with their dog, Bubba.

    During the investigation, police discovered a motor home at the
    couple’s house where Manzanares had built a customized bench
    with red padding to facilitate sex acts with the dog, according
    to an arrest affidavit. He used hormone spray to arouse the dog
    and took pictures and videos of the sex acts, according to the

    When Manzanares and Solano first were charged with the crime,
    police did not know the whereabouts of Bubba. However,
    Manzanares forfeited his rights to the dog as part of the
    criminal proceedings and the animal was recovered.

    Prior to 2007, bestiality was not a crime in Colorado. That
    year, the Legislature added it to the state’s animal cruelty


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