• Louisiana Democrat cop accused of animal sex abuse now faces child porn

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    A Louisiana police officer charged in December with 40 counts of
    sexually abusing a dog was arrested again Friday and charged
    with 31 counts of possessing child pornography.

    Terry Yetman, 38, of Minden, was booked into the Bossier Parish
    Jail with a bond of $620,000, The Shreveport Times reported.
    According to jail records, Yetman remained jailed Tuesday
    morning.The details of the new charges have not been made
    public, but KTBS in Shreveport reported that Louisiana State
    Police troopers and members of the U.S. Marshals Violent
    Offenders Task Force arrested Yetman at his home Friday.

    He had been out of jail on bond just two days when he was re-
    arrested. Troopers said the investigation is ongoing and
    additional charges against Yetman are possible, the news station

    Yetman, who has been a Bossier City police officer since 2014,
    was initially placed on administrative leave in November
    following an investigation that began in August with a tip to
    state police officials. That investigation led detectives to
    obtain a search warrant for Yetman’s electronic devices, on
    which they found evidence of pornography involving the sexual
    abuse of animals.

    Yetman was charged with 20 counts of sexual abuse of an animal
    by performing sexual acts with an animal and 20 counts of sexual
    abuse of an animal by filming sexual acts with an animal, state
    police said.

    Authorities did not disclose at the time what species of animal
    was abused or if multiple animals were involved. According to In
    Defense of Animals, an animal rights organization that has
    compiled 20,841 signatures on a petition demanding the stiffest
    punishment for Yetman, the victimized animal was a dog.
    “Prosecutors indicate the abused dog, a Belgian Malinois whom we
    suspect is a retired police dog, is being moved from the local
    animal shelter to an animal rescue in Texas,” the petition

    KTBS reported that Yetman’s dog, named Boss, was confiscated by
    state troopers following his arrest. It was sent to the Texas
    rescue to save it from remaining in the animal shelter. The
    court in February gave permission for the dog to be neutered for
    his health and safety and given “the alleged activity that has
    taken place between dog and human,” a court document obtained by
    the news station states.

    Doll Stanley, a campaign director for the California-based In
    Defense of Animals, traveled about five hours from Mississippi
    on Thursday to deliver the petition to Bossier Parish District
    Attorney J. Schuyler Marvin, the Times reported.

    “We will let Bossier County 26th District Attorney Marvin
    Schuyler know we are watching this case very closely and that we
    fully expect Yetman to be prosecuted for each of the forty
    counts of felony animal abuse and that no plea deals or mercy
    should be offered for his atrocious crimes,” the petition states.

    Stanley said in a news release Friday that thousands of her
    group’s supporters were moved by the “horrific case” and want to
    see justice for the dog that was abused. “A healthy society
    protects its innocents: Vulnerable children, animals, elderly

    Sexual predators must be made to fear the loss of freedom and a
    stinging financial impact,” the statement read. “We call on
    District Attorney Schuyler Marvin to take zero tolerance stance
    on bestiality and prosecute Yetman to the fullest if he is found

    https://www.ajc.com/news/national/louisiana-cop-accused-animal- sex-abuse-now-faces-child-porn-charges/QBizSzWg7UJL5BHACzuHdM/

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