• Burmese Python Personality

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    On Tuesday, December 7, 1999 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-8, Avatar wrote:
    Hi guys
    Im a natural born snake lover and had some contact with burmeses.
    Now I ve decided its time..... and got one beautiful baby burmese python.
    She ( I dont really know if its male or female )is about 4 ft and the guy
    who sold her told she is about 9 months old.
    Well, as you might have noticed Im not an expert on snakes ( YET ) and I would be very happy if anyone could tell me something or point me to a URL where I can learn a bit more about this amazing snakes.
    I am very much interested on their personality. She is as sweet as any pet can be and I feel amazingly confortable with her. I take her around my neck and go over the house with her. I keep her for such a long time on my neck I even forget she's there.
    Sometimes I have the clear feeling that she really recognizes me. And many people have reported they also sensed she behavies in a diferent way towards me.
    I ve read a lot on internet that they are escape artists but I use to sit with her on the sofa and either she goes down to the ground, have a walk throught the room and end up coming back to my arms by herself or,
    sometimes, she even doesnt bother to move.
    I would think she s scared or had a kind of trauma which makes her unconfortable about roaming away.......but her extreme curiosity ( she goes everywhere in the room, smells every single thing and dont seem to be scared of people walking around.........even the doors to other rooms are opened
    she leaves the room but allways find her way back ) is something that doesnt match with beeing shy.
    Also I play with her touching her head and mouth and she doesnt move away.
    I m not saying all this to impress anyone or lift my ego but Im really
    amazed and I want to ask if its natural. Also I would like to know what are the risks of her changing from the sweetest pet to a killer without any visible reason ( especialy when she gets bigger ).
    Apart from that I would also ask if its normal that she sleeps sometimes for the whole day and why does she love that much to be inside this cage I have made her on her aquarium which seems very small.
    Thanks very much for your attention, guys, and sorry for my lack of knowledge.

    Omg avatar, that's such a cute personality that your snake has! I learned this a while ago, if you trust the animal and you're cool around it, it will be trustworthy and cool to you. Especially snakes bc they naturally can't see too well so the rely on
    the senses, smell taste hearing and feelings- like emotionally. <3 great story!

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