• Jackson Chameleon Breeding Questions

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    I have a mature pair of jackson chameleons. I was wondering what I
    should do to get them into breeding condition if anything and what the male/female does to attach the other. I have noticed when placed
    close together the female looks stressed but rocks from side to side.
    The male starts this little robot walk towards her. They are still in separate but I would like to have some babies in the house. These are
    the only chameleons we own and we have no experience breeding lizards,
    only birds. Any advice would be appreciate.

    When 'receptive' the female will turn very green and stay green when the
    male is around. She will not do the rocking thing.

    When my female is receptive, she turns a sort of day-glow green color,
    maybe even more green than the male. When the male bobs his head at
    her, she returns the head bob and will even approach him with her tail
    lifted -- not too subtle.

    I did nothing special to get mine in 'season'. But come spring time,
    they started to get to go outside on days when it is not too warm or too cool, maybe that is what stimulated her. (He did not need any

    Hope this helps.

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    can anyone tell me the best why to take care of the babies my female had 12 and i lost all 12 when i got her i had no idea she was gravid now she is showing signs of being gravid again

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