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    I have some Cornsnakes and a pair of Rainbowboas. I recently built a
    very large cage for my Cornsnakes and the boas. After a mounth in the
    cage I find a large wound on one of my Cornsnakes. I assume that the highpregnant female boa bite the snake. The wounds were not very serius. Does anyone know if this can occur again and if the pregnancy has
    anything to do with it?

    Corn snakes and rainbow boas should not be kept together in the same
    cage, for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, the rainbows require
    high humidity, high enough to potentially cause skin problems in the
    corn snakes. Also, the possibility of cross-infecting the snakes with parasites and/or bacterial infections is much higher if you keep them together. And there's the potential for inter-species fight, as you
    seem to have witnesses.

    Keep 'em separate and always feed in a separate enclosure.

    - B

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