• Marmelade, 2016?-2021

    From Rollory@21:1/5 to All on Tue Mar 16 20:33:58 2021
    Marmelade, the best, smartest, friendliest cat I've ever known died
    today, hit by a car.

    He was a feral we'd coaxed into spending more time with us to have a professional mouser around. For at least three years he lived in the
    general vicinity - from the first year, watching us occasionally from
    the other side of the lawn at evening and stealing a few bites from the
    bowl of food we left out, to the third when he started living regularly
    on the porch and decided humans in general must all be great and
    wonderful and he'd hop onto the lap of complete strangers who'd just
    shown up. He wasn't quite tame enough for us to get him to the vet
    before he came down with FIV last spring, which he survived, but it took
    a lot out of him; he spent most of the summer sleeping on the porch. By
    autumn he was coming inside the house and managed a vet visit, and he
    spent a fair amount of the winter inside, either curled up by the fire
    or watching the snow and ice with a depressed and frustrated look.

    He was really happy to see the thaw. He'd taken up the habit of coming
    in for dinner, lounging around a bit, then coming to find me, jumping on
    my lap, purring really loud and getting petted thoroughly, then suddenly
    up and off to the door and start the night's hunting. He was regularly bringing back mice in the morning, most of which he ate on the porch
    after being congratulated.

    He'd never shown any interest in roads before, and there was plenty of territory for him to cover without needing to go near it. Once, he'd accompanied me on a walk partway around the property, and just stopped
    and watched the trucks going past the way one zones out in front of a
    TV. We thought he knew better.

    We hadn't seen him all day. I had an errand to run this evening and
    before getting in the car, figured - I'll go check the road, make sure
    there's no smashed cat anywhere. I had that thought, being quite sure
    there'd be nothing. Not so.

    He was orange and white, and really big. He had only a stump of a tail
    - whether he'd lost it somehow or it was a birth defect, we were never
    sure, but he was never sensitive about it, and except for chasing it
    (too short for that, and maybe why he absolutely loved to play with the
    string we gave him) he'd use it the way any cat would use a tail. His
    purring in general was something to hear - you could be halfway across
    the room and you'd hear him clearly. He liked people. He liked other
    cats, even if they didn't like him. We don't happen to have any dogs
    but I expect he could've come to terms with one if needed. He was
    exceedingly polite and careful, and when rules were made clear to him,
    took care to obey them. I suppose everybody says this about their pet,
    but there won't be another like him.

    I want to do things to that road and the people who use it, things which
    if I were specific I'd get a police visit. I'm not going to do them.
    But I want to.

    I miss you, my friend.

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