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    (Snips again)

    I finally lost my 25YO cat this past winter. Lost my 2 dogs (ages
    14 and 17) last summer. Just time is all.

    We adopted Mona and Luko (twin cat ragdolls) from the local SPCA
    in late February then sadly Prince (Great Dane) when his owner
    died of Covid. We'd been watching Prince for some time on random
    days when the owner had to work after he got divorced. Jill
    knows the story (grin, unless her reading is as patchy as mine on newsgroups in which case she missed it in RFC).

    Yes, I saw the posting and thank you for taking Prince in full time
    after his owner died. That's no small task (pardon the pun) since
    Great Danes are about the size of a Shetland Pony. :) There is a
    couple who live down the street from me who have two Great Danes.

    Yeah, he's REALLY big. It's both startling and cool when he reaches
    down to put him chin on your shoulder when typo'ing on a newsgroup.
    He's just standing there (and of course got lots of pets and ear

    Anyways, call us crazy but yeah, 2 cats (age 13 or 14) and an
    elderly Great Dane (I think he's 11 but would have to check his
    papers). Quite old for the breed either way. Average lifespan is
    6-10 years.

    Thank you for adopting all of them. :)


    The vet wants to dock his ears. I asked why and it's the repeat ear infections that are getting harder and harder to control. It's not
    cosmetic in his case. I dunno. I like his happy floppy ones but I
    don't want him to have ears that hurt or go deaf like my Aunti Mabel


    BTW, Princes Ears have not been docked. We just clean them carefully a
    lot and he's taken to it like 'Mommie Time'.

    I checked and he's almost 12 now. We lost Mona (twin ragdoll) 2 months
    ago to cancer. Nothing to be done, she'd probably had it a year or so
    before we adopted (and we'd have taken her anyway).

    So Luko is probably 14 and Prince shows to be almost 12 per his
    previous vet (goes same one now) so call him maybe 12 come March 2021?

    We had a vet visit today for both. Luko is healthy though still has a
    bad heart murmur (born with it) and Prince is in exceptional status for
    his age. I was worried because it just seemed 'right' to let him
    fatten up a tiny bit for winter but the vet says it was a good call to
    add a little fresh meat and fat to his bowl at his age and breed. He's
    gained about 17lbs which is very nominal at his size.

    What I have learned is never let him get obese. His joints can't take
    it. Vet confirmed.

    We got 2 'prescriptions' which were for a pet type glucosamine joint
    health stuff. Same one for both but different amounts added to the

    All is well for now...

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