• Dozens Of Dead Cats Removed From Woman's Garage

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    Well, as Joyce points out, woman may have thought of herself as "loving" the >cats - to take them from shelter - but: to *not feed or water them*? When I >come home from work, the Evil 3 start nagging for their midnight "snack"
    food spread......and that's just after 8 or 9 hours or so. Confined in
    cages, unable even to seek out water nor anything to eat.....my blood boils >in its arteries (probably good for the blockages, but still....) imagining >this. Some people just can't stand to see anything hungry-looking, and I'm >one of these.....talk about wanting to kick someone's butt >*bad*................smacking is one thing. Starving is another.

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    : > Dozens Of Dead Cats Removed From Woman's Garage
    : > Animal Shelter Workers Stunned By Neglect Case
    : > POSTED: 10:08 a.m. EST December 3, 2003
    : > RENSSELAER, Ind. -- Officials at Jasper County's animal shelter were
    : > reviewing pet adoption procedures after authorities removed nearly 50 >dead
    : > cats from the garage of a woman who offered to help find new homes for
    : > animals.
    : > "We love these animals," shelter employee Karen Adams said Tuesday. "We
    : > thought we were doing a favor by letting them go with her, never
    : > ... we thought we were saving lives."
    : This is a big wake-up call for anyone who places animals in foster
    : homes. Do home inspections!
    : I once worked (at a vet) with a woman who did rescue, and had all
    : sorts of animals - rabbits, turtles, dogs, cats - supposedly her house
    : was a *wreck* and the animals weren't as well kept as they shpuld have
    : been. She was the meanest b!tch I have ever met - smacked cats and was
    : just abusive. I wouldn't let her take care of an amoeba.
    : -L.

    Was the woman Jewish? I'm willing to bet she was; Shotsberger has a
    Semitic sound to it. Why is anyone ever surprised by what these
    cretins do? I've seen articles where people are having sex with their
    pets. I certainly hope that none of the readership here is doing that.

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