• A new Simon's Cat posted today

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    Everyone loves Simon and his cartoon cats. :)


    I hope everyone is safe, happy and healthy.


    I hope that you too are safe, happy and well.

    Safe, happy and well as can be, thanks! How about you?

    thanks for posting this, I love Simon's cat.

    How is life treating you?


    I love Simon's cat, too. :)

    The stupid virus is making things a bit more complicated but for the
    most part things are fine.

    I grew some "cat grass" for Buffy and she's enjoying having an
    occasional snack. It's fresh oat, barley, rye and wheat grass
    sproutings. Persia (RB) loved the stuff; problem was she'd plow through
    it like a grazing goat then get sick to her stomach. Buffy is much more circumspect in her approach. The occasional nibble is fine with her. :)


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