• Baitcasting reels-the attractive antique that reel companies won't

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    heads up people- baitcaster reels are older than the Ford Model T, and
    just as antiquated

    basically the only reason people used them, was back in 1900, there
    was nothing else- only baitcasters and fly reels- spinning and
    spincasting reels were not invented yet

    anyone that says they can "cast further with a baitcaster" is FOS-
    think about it, use common sense

    on a spinning reel, the only thing that has to leave the reel, is the
    line itself

    on a baitcaster, the spool has to turn

    there is more friction turning the spool, than the line just leaving
    the spinning reel

    so there you have it

    why do people use them ? for the same reason they like 1970
    Chevelles, tube stereos, and battleships- they are a cool relic of the

    truth be told, there's not a freshwater fish alive, you can't land
    with a spinning or spincasting reel

    the only "practical" sane use for a baitcaster, is deep see fishing or trolling, for very, very big fish- like swordfish- and trolling- where
    you toss your bait over the side, let line out, and troll the lure

    sure, there are people that can cast 100-150 ft. with a baitcaster

    but even a novice can cast 250 feet with a spinning reel-

    there's simply no comparison- but for some reason, these "bass pros"
    won't admit to that-

    reason- they are getting cash endorsements from reel companies- and
    the reel companies make a ton of money from baitcasting reels people
    use a few times, have problems with, then sit and collect dust

    just look at how many old baitcasting reels there are on Ebay. Just
    try casting with one. The old baitcasters had no clutch, drag, or
    casting resistance settings- all they had was a clicker button-

    the clicker served as a half-assed "drag" to wear down a fish, and an
    "alarm" to tell the fisherman, when a fish has hit his lure while

    NOT for casting, or for clutching

    the recent additions of the clutch, drag, release button, etc.
    settings, was merely an attempt at making a reel designed for cranking
    a big fish in, to also cast

    having said this, I have spent last 2 days practicing casting an old
    1960's vintage baitcaster reel, the reel handle actually spins when
    casted, there is no release button on it- maximum casting range so far
    is 60 feet- that's about it

    Hehe,...the clicker was NOT a drag,...was simply to alert the fisherman there was a nibble on a set out pole. Use it constantly and you won'y have a clicker before long! :-) The user's THUMB was the usual "Drag" on an older baitcaster,.... and even with
    some older freespool models having a designated drag feature,...a thumb on the spool can be still used to increase drag at times.

    ...... you an many others are missing the point too. They're just plain FUN to fish with,....quality vintage ones that is. Get an old Pflueger Summit 1993L in hand and a thing of beauty too! No plastic crap here (some weight though but it's a small reel
    so not an issue)..... and if you want freespool get the Pflueger Summit 1995 as I recall.

    By the way,.... one other great "feature of a baitcaster is with a good braided line backing and a short mono leader, there is almost NO stretch to the line so more positive set hooks, and on a heavy fish he comes where you lead! :-)

    Joseph Tousignant
    Ti Rod Tactical

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