• Passing of a Record Holder

    From Bob La Londe@21:1/5 to All on Thu Dec 7 16:35:58 2017
    I just received a note in the mail from Renetta Lindsey. John Lindesy
    passed away. Some of you might remember him as bassrecord. That was his
    common handle on the forums and on Usenet. Others of you might recall
    his book. Big Bass Fly Fishing on Topwater a Field Guide. Some of you
    might even know he was an IGFA class world record holder.

    She suggest we check out, Ray Sasser outdoor sports columnist Dallas
    Morning News Sun Nov 19 2017. If somebody has a link to the article I
    would like to read it.

    I've posted a photo of a card enclosed that appears to be his obituary
    on my website here:


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