• Big Bass Fly Fishing on Topwater - by John H Lindsey Jr

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    **** Big Bass Fly Fishing on Topwater - by John H Lindsey Jr ****

    Before I ever started Yuma Bass Man or visited any other fishing forum I
    used to be a regular on a Usenet group called rec.outdoors.fishing.bass.
    The group is pretty much dead, but it still exists. Back then it was a
    pretty active group, with a hundred or so pretty active participants, a
    hundred or so more occasional participants, and thousands of lurkers and leaches who never posted anything unless it was to serve their self
    interest. Pretty much like any on-line group. Over all it was a really
    good group, but with forums supplanting Usenet groups, and people getting older, changing interests, dying, or just losing interest in playing on-line
    it slowly died.

    John Lindsey was one of those active participants who was always a joy to exchange messages with. Way back then he was working on a book about fly fishing for big bass. He saw an early photo I posted on the first Yuma Bass Man when it was hosted on freeservers.com and didn't even have a thought to having a forum. The picture was from the upstream channel in Mittry Lake
    when it gets all grassed up in the later summer. John asked me if he could include that picture in his book. I was flattered and agreed in exchange
    for a signed first edition. Well, lives went on and things were forgotten,
    but a few years ago John contacted me and asked me to send him a formal permission letter to use my photo.

    Yesterday I received a package from him. I had no idea what was in it until
    I opened it. Even after I saw the cover it took me a moment. That's saying something. After all these years he not only remembered, but he kept his
    word. This book will go on my personal shelf of treasured possessions in
    the house. Right next to the signed books from Howard Buckley on airgun building.

    You might remember that several years ago I posted an adventure trip where I caught several bass on a flyrod with a little popping bug fly. John is the
    one who inspired me to spend a little time fly angling for bass. Before
    that I never even considered it. Flys were for stream trout.

    Anyway, John has an IGFA record for something or other, and I seem to recall
    he used to have a couple of them. Here is his book. FMI: http://www.bigbassflyfishing.com/

    Bob La Londe
    CNC Molds N Stuff


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    Fishing Arizona & The Colorado River

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