• The genius of John Cage!

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    On Sunday, August 11, 1996 at 1:00:00 AM UTC-6, Jacob Carver wrote:
    OK: Here it is. I really believe that Cage was a genius, though
    of what type, I'm not sure. I welcome any comments anyone might have, in
    or out of agreement with my own. I am interested in your comments
    regarding Cage's work both before and after 1951, when he began using
    "chance methods". Do you think chance has a place in legitimate compostition? Was Cage a fraud? Or was he a tortured composer,
    desperate over his harmony-handicap? Or did he simply evolve into "performance art"? What do YOU think?
    Also, I've read that Cage was an expert in the field of
    mycology(study of mushrooms). Some of his ideas make me wonder how he applied this knowledge?

    I think Cage is cool.

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