• Re: Keith Jarrett Standards v1 -- what's with the hum???

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    Em domingo, 1 de agosto de 1999 às 04:00:00 UTC-3, QuincyJoy1 escreveu:
    There is a long-standing tradition of "Jazz Noises." Frank Zappa even memoralized them on the title song from the (excellent, by the way and a good choice for those of you who might've given-up on Zappa back in the '70s (or '80s), MAKE A JAZZ NOISE HERE. Hilarious! Hmmmm-HAW, haw---ZIM-ha-HUH!
    "If I always knew what I meant, I'd be a genius." Phillip Marlowe/Raymond Chandler.

    Has anyone heard Dave Pike on Pike's Groove with The Cedar Walton Trio (1986)? That's why I arrived at this forum directly from Brazil, using google translator. No one will explain the inexplicable and there are "annoying people" like João Gilberto who,
    in order not to have losses in the audio quality of his shows or records, drove the technical team crazy!!! That's why I'll never understand those guys moaning like calves in heat, spoiling their technique, but if that's the case and you have to accept
    it, accept it OR NOT!

    In time: at least I discovered the meaning of Moaning (title of Bobby Timmons' biggest hit)

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