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    Wow, since I'm being pinged I'd better check in...

    Will Dockery wrote:
    That is just incredible - this is online? Link? URL?

    Joe didn't give a link the last time I looked . . .

    OK, here's a little more info... The review was in an old issue of "Factsheet Five" from 1989, so no link.
    Too bad, but those were the 1980s, when snail mail was king.
    I do remember Gunderloy writing about an online F5, but over two
    decades ago and I guess befor things became routinely archived, as they
    are now.
    If only he'd used Usenet...
    I was actually scanning some
    Kerry Thornley (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerry_Thornley) columns so they'd be available on the web (not for any particular reason, other
    than they aren't already on the web, and it's just something to do).
    While flipping through the rest of the magazine, capturing the
    zeitgeist of 1989, the "Waterworld" review caught my eye. Figured I'd
    see whether I could turn up anything about it on the Internet, 17 years later... (man I feel old now) So like I mentioned, a Google search
    brought me to rec.music.makers (Didn't occur to me to simply ask right
    here on the group, I'm quick that way)
    Hmmm... perhaps you'd consider scanning the page "Waterworld" was
    reviewed on, or even more selected pages? My F5 collection was
    unfortunately ruined when the trunk of my car glooded back in 1995 or
    so, it would be really interesting to see some of that stuck finally
    become archived...
    That "Waterworld" review would have appeared right around the time I started to become interested in jazz (I was in college and had enrolled
    in a Jazz Appreciation course. I got a 107 average for the course, as
    the tests had bonus questions, while I got a C or C- in my other
    classes that semester). Factsheet Five didn't review many (if any)
    other jazz recordings -- though for all I know, their description of "Waterworld" wasn't accurate, or "jazz" was too narrow of a pigeonhole
    etc. But anyway, the word "jazz" there should have caught my eye at
    the time, since it was just an unusual context to find a jazz review.
    So with that in mind, seeing this review 17 years later, I'm just
    curious as to what caused the reviewer (I assume it was Mike Gunderloy)
    to take notice.
    Glad you did, since the musician is thinking on putting it out on CD,
    and even doing new work in that direction.
    Looking for Joe Castleman...

    "Hey Joe... where ya goin' with that saxophone (or is it a windowscreen?) in
    your hand..?"

    Was that a lucky guess or something? I do play the sax, or did anyway
    -- Nothing beyond woodshedding, though. Ah, one of these days I'll get serious about it again...
    Actually, I cheated and Googled your name... heh...
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