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    YES!! And don't forget the way Tom Cruise said "what the HELL is this music?" while listening to Mingus. I'm not sure what this says about mainstream views toward jazz, but certainly somebody responsible for the movies' script has some personal problem with jazz. I cant imagine too
    many people having this opinion though.
    Script was written by director Cameron Crowe, who also wrote and directed Singles, which features Blue Train in a cool moment of that film, even
    though the film is about the Seattle music scene in the late
    eighties/early nineties or so. So Crowe likes jazz and puts it in his
    films, even though they be not about jazz.
    The fact that he bothered to put it in shows he's behind it, regardless of Cruise's line dissing it, which probably got a good hoot out of Crowe for
    its irony: here I am writing and making a movie, putting the tunes I want
    in it, and having my star speak lines dissing it.
    It's just a goof, folks. Not a bad one either.
    Crowe also directed Say Anything. All the films mentioned in this post are worth seeing.
    I don't think he said, "what the hell is this music?" He said, "what is this music?" I paid particular attention to that in rewatching the movie because I recall on first watching being irritated by the film's treatment of jazz. He seemed more bemused
    than irritated. For a character who probably never had heard a not of jazz in his life, that seemed believable. The stupid error about Miles and Trane playing together in '63 was a really ridiculous unforced errors, though.

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