• Gary Peters (improv author) interview

    From CSA Jason Gross@21:1/5 to All on Sun Apr 1 11:05:19 2018

    In the latest issue of Perfect Sound Forever <http://www.perfectsoundforever.com>, you'll find (among other things):

    Improvisation author- interview by Daniel Barbiero
    "The reason why I improvised a book on improvisation was not a cheap gimmick but, rather, an attempt to pose that same question: 'what are we improvisers?' Not, 'what is improvisation?' Or, 'how can we improvise better?' And especially not, 'who are we?'
    (existentialism again): but, 'what are we?' Obviously, I still don't have a satisfactory answer to that one."

    We're always looking for good writers and/or ideas so let us know if you have anything to share.

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