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    On Saturday, December 28, 1996 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-8, Steve Propes wrote:
    For the past several years, I've been working on a book on L.A. vocal
    groups & duets from 1945 thru '65. There are a few groups about which I
    still need information - who was in the group? Year of release? Phone
    numbers or way to contact any member, producer, songwriter or label
    owners on many of these following releases - I also have a large list of
    L.A. rnb people I'd like to interview including:
    Jimmy Green (brother of Vernon),
    Jerome Evans (of the Furys),
    Max Uballez,
    Miles Grayson,
    Nathaniel McCoy (last known in Bloomington area near Riverside),
    Oscar McLollie (last known in Oakland),
    Rudy Ray Moore (last known in Vegas),
    Charles McCullough of Silks, last known in Compton and more,
    most anyone of the below list:
    Tony Moon & the Aktones "Love" on Pan World 513
    Will Wendell & Aktones "Fall In Love With Me" Pan World 520 1960
    and "Lover" on Trans American 10000 in 1962.
    ALFRED AND JOE "Darling Dear" Kay Gee 101 in 1964,
    CHARLES ANDREA AND THE HI TONES "Didn't We Have A Nice Time" on
    Tori Ltd 2 in 61.
    AQUA Tones "Oh It Hurts" Downey label in c. 1962, released?
    ARC ANGELS "Goddess" on Lan-Cet 142 in 1961.
    ARCADOS "When You Walked Out" on Fam 502 in 1963 lead Bob Jones.
    ARROGANTS Ray Morrow on "Make Up Your Mind" Big A 12184 1960 and "Take
    Life Easy", Vanessa 200 1962.
    BANDITS "Nothing Can Change My Love For You" Em Jay 1935 in 1963
    Writer credits Crumb, Melvin, Judge.
    BIG DOG "Doris" Joey 501 1962. Bobby Williams writer on both
    sides, W. Alford and (Joey?) Massengale on "Just Wait For Me".
    BLENDS "Tell Me" for Talent 110 in 1960.
    BLUE ANGELS "Deserie" on Edsel 781 in 1960
    BLUE CHIPS "Wishing Well" on Sparta 001 in 1962
    BILLIE BROWN AND THE BALLARDS "Why Baby Why" Eltone 439.
    CEELE BURKE "Blai-Se-Belma (Gwine Bock To Trinidad)" Hi Dee Ho
    001 & Hi Dee Ho 101"Swing It Mister Joe" 4 Rhythemettes - 40s?
    CARL BURNETT AND THE HUSTLERS "Sweet Memories" on Carmax 102
    CANDELETTES (Female) "Moments To Remember" Ronda 1001 in 1962.
    LINDA CARR AND THE IMPOSSIBLES "Shy One" on Ray Starr 779
    "Happy Teenager" on Skyla 1052, 1962 & SAR (153) "Sweet Talk".
    CENTENNIALS George Motola's "My Dear One" on Dot 16180 1961
    CITATIONS Mexican group "When You Said Goodbye" Monogram 501 1962
    J. Moreno, G. Moreno and F. Orozco
    CLOUDS "Baby It's Me" on Skylark 116 in 1961.
    CORVETTES Fontana area group with Charles McMillan, Charles
    McMillan and Mike, unknown last name. Did they record?
    CREATORS w/ Floyd Bryant 'Too Far To Turn Around' Dore 635 1962
    CUSTOMS "Because Of Love" Arlen 511 lead Buddy Gibson Vanguards
    CYMBALS "One Step Too Far" on Amazon 709 Fred Hughes?
    DAY BIRDS "I'm Just the Postman" on Jama 502 1962
    DONNA DEE AND CLOUDS "The More I See Him" on Ramada 501 in 1961.
    CURLEE DINKINS "King In the Sky" with Jeep Smith Orch. Jay-Tone
    802 in 1958.
    DONNIE AND BI-LANGOS Mexican group, "I" for Colton 105 year?
    DYNAMICS "Always I Have Loved You on Capri 104 in 1959
    "Darling" on Dynamic 1001 in 1962 written by Walter Alexander.
    "I Want To Be Loved", vocals Louis Hendrix, Douglas 2001 1963.
    EL DOMINGOS "Are You Ready (To Say I Do)?" on Karmin 1001
    EMBERGLOWS 'Sack Dress And Chemise' on Dore 591 in 1961
    ENCORES "Time Is Moving On" on Look 105 in 1955
    EVENTUALS "Just the Things That You Do" on Okeh in 1961
    FASCINATIONS "If I Had Your Love" on Paxley 750 in 1960.
    FEMALE IMPERSONATORS "Steady Your Nerves Eddie" on Wells-DeSett 2273 in
    JERRY FORD "Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild" on DouBle B 101
    FURYS hit on Mack IV 112 in 1962.
    GARY AND GREEN "All Around the World" on Capri in 1959
    PAUL GRADY "Darlin' I Understand" Glaize 109 in 1963.
    RENE HARRIS AND THE TERRANS "Moonrise" (Graham 801)
    RUDY HARVEY AND THE PIPS "Popcorn" on Capri 103 in 1959,
    MAGGIE HATHAWAY AND HER BLUESMEN "Here Goes A Fool" Black & White
    113 in '47
    RON HOLDEN & Twilighters, "Things Don't Happen That Way" Baronet
    3 in 1962
    INDIVIDUALS "Jungle Superman" ShowTime 595 "Dear One" ShowTime598
    INDIVIDUALS "Without Success" on Sparrow 100 in 1962 diff group?
    INTERVALS 1958's "I Still Love That Man" on AD 104 LA?
    INVICTAS "Gone So Long" on Jack Bee 1003
    IRIDESCENTS "The Angels Sang" on Ultra Sonic 109 in 1961
    LARRY AND MIKE "We Fell In Love" on Picadilly 500 in 1963
    JAMES WASHINGTON LEE group On "I Need Somebody" L&M 1003 1962
    LEVETTES "Papa Do Run" on Unity 1002 in 1963
    LITTLE PATRICK & SIG-A-LERTS "Freeway Strut" Ebb Tide 416 in 1962
    LITTLE JOHNNY McCALL "My Love I Can't Hide" Wow 1000 1960 & Donna
    CHARLES McCULLOUGH AND THE SILKS "My Girl" (Dooto 462) in 1961 -
    from Compton, who was group?
    BOBBY MAC "How Was Your Weekend" on Vended 104 in 1962
    MAD LADS "Why" Mark-fi 1934 in 1962
    MAJESTICS lead by Chick Carlton in 1958.
    MAJESTICS "Strange World" on Linda 111 in 1963.
    MAJESTICS "Girl Of My Dreams" on Linda 121.
    MAJORETTES girl group
    MARGO & CHARMETTES "Too Much True Love" Margo & Charmettes (Mar Kay 101
    in 1962
    MARQUEES "Love Machine" on Warner Bros. in 59
    MARVELLOS "She Told Me Lies" Exodus 6214 1962 & Reprise 20088
    MARY ELLEN group on "This Love Of Mine" Gramo 5504 in 1963
    MASTERS "A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening" on Bingo 1008 in 1960,
    OSCAR MCLOLLIE - vocal group on any of his group oriented issues.
    MEMORIES "Dedication Time" Flashback 2001 1963 prod. Kim Fowley
    MILES AND ANDREW "Till the End of Time" w/ female Gay Cliffs on
    Play 1002 in 1960, who was group? Flipside, "She's A Wonder" by
    Little Leroy & the Longjohns - who was that group?
    MISFITS "Midnight Star" on Aries 7-10-4 in 1961
    MONORAILS "Come To Me Darling" on Lute 6017 in 1961
    MONTEREYS Mexican group "Darlin (I Love You So)" Trans American
    1000 from Bakersfield?
    JAMES MOORE & PRETENDERS "To Be Loved" on Tishman 905 in 1964.
    JIMMY MOORE AND THE PEACOCKS "Tender Love Noble 711 1958.
    NUNNIE MOORE AND THE PEACOCKS "Bouquet Of Roses" L&M 1006 1957.
    RUDY RAY MOORE (& THE RAYTONES) many on Cash, Ball, Kent, etc.
    NEWLYWEDS "The Quarrel" on Homogonized Soul 601 1960
    NUMBERS "My Pillow" on Bonneville 101 & Dore 641 1962.
    KELL OSBORNE "Bells Of St. Mary's" Trey 3006 "Do You Mind" (302)
    with Hollywood Chicks and "Would You Laugh" (306) 1962
    "Quicksand" on Titanic 5008
    "Lonely Is the Night" on Rayco 512, 1964.
    PEREZ BROTHERS "(At Night) Dream A Little Dream" Wolfie 103
    POETS "Never Let You Go" on Shade 1001 and
    "I'm In Love" on Spot 107 & Imperial 5664,
    PRE-HISTORICS "Alley-Oop-Cha-Cha-Cha" on Edsel 779 was a 1960
    PRECISIONS "Eight Reasons Why I Love You" Highland 300.
    RAINDROPS "Love Is Like A Mountain" Corsair 104, Dore 561 1961.
    ANTHONY RENFRO "This Is Our Moment Of Love" on Renfro 122
    RESONICS "Split Personality" on Unity 101
    "I'm Really In Love" Lucky Token 108 in 1964.
    "With Your Love To Guide Me" on Lil-Larry 1005
    REV LONS Female group 'Give Me One More Chance' on Garpax 44168
    in 1962 Bakersfield?
    RHYTHM GENTS "Linda" on Merri 6008 from 1964
    ROMANCERS "Don't Let Her Go" on Linda 117 in 1964,
    "Rock Little Darlin'" on Donna 1377 in 1963.
    SA-SHAYS Female group) "Boo Hoo Hoo" Zen 101 11-10-62.
    SHANK & MAYDEIA on Flip
    SHELLS on Genie
    SHUFFLES "Do You Remember" on Ray Co 508 in 1963
    SONICS "It's You" on Amco 001 in 1962
    "Funny" on Armona 102 in 1962.
    SPLENDORS (Vocal group) "Puddin' Tan" on Jano 104 in 1962
    STEREOS "My Heart" on Robin's Nest 101 in 1962,
    SUPERIORS "Eternal Dream" on Real Fine 837 from 1962
    SWEETHEARTS Female group "Puppy Love" on Hi-III 116
    "What Is Love" on H-111 117 1961
    "Sorry Daddy," on Ray Star 778 and
    backed Gene & Wendell on "From Me To You" on Ray Star 777 1961.
    SYMBOLS "Last Year About This Time" on Dore 666 in 1963.
    LARRY TAMBLYN "This Is the Night" on Faro 612 1961 w/ Standells
    TANGENTS "I Can't Live Alone" on Fresh 1 in 1960
    TERRY AND THE TYRANTS "Weep No More" on Kent 399 1964
    TRAMPS on Arvee.
    TRIANGLES "My Oh My" on Fifo 107 in 1961.
    TWISTERS "Truly" on Gemini 101 1962.
    JOHNNY TWO-VOICE "You And Your Lovin' Ways" Specialty 676 who
    was group?
    Mark Murphy's "Daddy Must Be A Man" Capitol 4021 in 1958, who was
    UTMOSTS Female group "I Need You" Pan-Or 1123 in 1962
    VICEROYS "Dreamy Eyes" on Original Sound 15 in
    Billy Watkins 'Blue And Lonely' (label and year unknown).
    WEBS on Soto-Play or any other group on that label.
    TOMMY WILLIAMS & FINGERPOPPERS "Strange Are the Ways Of Love"
    Ultra Sonic 111 1961
    WONDERS "Please Don't Cry" Bamboo 523 in 1962 or any other
    Wonders groups
    JOHNNY WOODSON & CRESCENDOS "Dreamer From My Heart" Spry 108 '57
    JOHNNY WYATT & HIGHTONES "We Met At A Dance" Big Time 1927 1962
    YOLANDA AND THE NATURALS "My Memories Of You" Kimley 923, year?
    From Corona?
    YOUNG LIONS "Back In the Alley" on Lola? Year or personnel?
    Or any other obscure L.A. group not listed here. If you sang or worked
    w/ a 40s, 1950s or early 60s group or duet from L.A., I'd love to talk
    w/ you.
    Finally, does anyone own a copy of the Maggie Hathaway & the Robins' "A Falling Star" on Recorded In Hollywood? I need to know writer credits
    on that song.
    Thank you, any shared information will be acknowleged and thanked in the
    book to be published sometime this year (hopefully) by Big Nickel Press. Steve Propes
    home phone: 310 421-9608
    Hi Steve, been awhile. Hope all well. IF EVER FOUND THIS, I AM LOOKING FOR A DIGITAL FILE OF MARGO & CHARMETTES "Too Much True Love" Margo & Charmettes (Mar Kay 101
    in 1962 Best, Ira Blacker ira1942@gmail.com

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