• Piano Blues (export from the UK) on the Magpie label

    From Ben There@21:1/5 to All on Tue Apr 16 07:44:23 2019
    These albums were pulled from my personal collection. I would
    estimate they have only been played once. The covers & vinyl are

    The Magpie label is from the UK & part of the Flyright family which
    released many superb blues vinyl albums in the 70 & 80's.

    All albums are manufactured in England. The series was edited &
    produced by Francis Smith in the late 1970's.

    I am selling all ten (10) albums as a set as I donít want to see them

    Magpie label :
    4401 Piano Blues-Volume 1, PARAMOUNT (1929-30)
    4402 Piano Blues-Volume 2, BRUNSWICK (1929-30)
    4403 Piano Blues-Volume 3, VOCALION (1928-30)
    4404 Piano Blues-Volume 4, THOMAS FAMILY (1925-29)
    4405 Piano Blues-Volume 5, HOT BOX IS ON MY MIND (1929-33)
    4406 Piano Blues-Volume 6, WALTER ROLAND (1933-35)
    4407 Piano Blues-Volume 7, LEROY CARR/DON'T CRY (1930-35)
    4408 Piano Blues-Volume 8, TEXAS SEAPORT (1934-37)
    4409 Piano Blues-Volume 9, CRIPPLE LOFTON & GEORGE NOBLE (1935-36)
    4410 Piano Blues-Volume 10, TERRITORY BLUES (1934-41)

    Contact me at https://vancouver.craigslist.org/pml/emd/d/coquitlam-vinyl-collection-piano-blues/6828988920.html

    Make me an offer (with your location) & if you are over my minimum
    (what I want for them), I will get back to you. I donít have time to
    reply to low-ballers.

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