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    From Bernie Cosell@21:1/5 to All on Wed Apr 3 22:16:50 2019
    I want to implement a simple CGI program and I was surprised to see that my
    old standby [from a decade or so ago] is no longer supported. I basically
    am trying to write a sort of "remote procedure call" using HTTP. There's
    no web page, just a URL:
    The result will be the absolute minimum HTML necessary to send the answer
    back to the "caller". All I need is something to parse the URL-embedded parameters and a tiny bit of help to send out a basically empty reply [with
    the result of the "call" in it].

    All of the packages pointed to in CGI::ALTERNATIVES are massively
    complicated -- HTML templates and stuff, and I understand all that: back
    when I was doing *actual* [i.e., normal] CGI programming doing all of that
    HTML formatting and field-filling-in and such was a real PITA. BUT: doing
    what I want to do NOW would be a snap with CGI.pm. Should i just use it
    anyway or is there some other module that'd make what I'd like to do
    reasonably easy. Thanks

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