• fairchild 411 turntable - idler wheel/belt parts? manual?

    From winninninnin@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sun Apr 8 19:31:29 2018
    hi all!

    i just picked up one of these fairchild 411's. the rusco 1/4 x 39 1/4 cloth belt is torn. i glued together some cassette tape into a belt, and it spins w/no wow whatsoever; but it also spins at ~32rpm. i'm suspecting the tapedeck belt isn't up to
    snuff. and/or, the idler wheel's worn enough to slow down the pulley wheel - you can see a small ridge in it, where the motor's shaft doesn't quite reach up to the top of the wheel. (yes, this turntable has an idler wheel, spun by the motor shaft, and
    the idler shaft has a pulley wheel that drives the platter w/a belt. the turntable is massive, everything is smooth a silk and dead quiet. i'd really like to know a good place to source a proper belt and refurbished idle wheel(s) (3 speeds, 3 rotating
    idler wheels).

    i bought a 35.1" rubber belt which is the only thing i can find listed; is there another better option for that?


    doug s.

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